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tv   White Buses  Al Jazeera  October 23, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm AST

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on the drive. with the one today. just up the al-jazeera. you are. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring in the news and current events that matter to. the the. i get adrian figure here in doha the top stories on al-jazeera the parliament of spain's catalonia region
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will beat on thursday to consider its response to the central government's move to take control of the region's institutions on friday the upper house of spain's parliament will vote on whether to impose direct rule once that's approved the central government may install a representative to govern the region it's been a standoff ever since catalonia has secession referendum last month latasha but the reports now from barcelona. well what we're seeing is a real hardening of positions on both sides we've just had a meeting of the cattle and parliaments executive body and what they've decided is that on thursday they will have a full session of parliament to try and formulate their response to madrid's decision to impose direct rule on the region but we've heard over the past couple of days from castle and regional leaders decrying this decision by madrid as outrageous saying that it slams the door to any future dialogue and we saw hundreds of thousands of process session supporters on the streets here in barcelona wanting
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to have their voice heard on the other side you have those in madrid officials the government to say something simply had to be done to control the situation they say that you can't just have a region of the country that decides it wants to break away we heard from spanish officials saying that simply won't happen in any other european nation and therefore it won't happen here that is why the government intends to plow ahead with its plans to impose direct rule there will be a meeting of the senate in madrid on friday and will be at that meeting that we expect those plans to be approved japan's prime minister shinzo our bases that he'll continue to deal decisively with north korea after winning a snap national election of as coalition won more than two thirds of the lower house sarah clarke reports from tokyo. he called on voters during the campaign to choose him because it was a safe stable experience government and today he renewed that pledge to seek and strengthen diplomacy to deal with north korea and the escalating tensions in this
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region you also said that he would strengthen japan's cooperation with the international community donald trump is visiting japan next month. i have spoken to donald trump today obviously to congratulate him on the election victory but they've also both agreed that on this visit to japan the tramp and our by world make this issue central to this their policy discussion so north korea has played a huge part in the election campaign and will no doubt continue to be a central policy platform for shinzo our by as he returns to power with what we've discussed is that the two thirds majority in parliament where everyone was waiting to see if they were able to secure the two thirds majority and this does deliver. and his ruling bloc the opportunity or the mandate or the visitation to move and make constitutional change they needed that two thirds majority to take that step he's made it his lifelong mission to try and revive as japan's pacifist
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constitution in particular he would allow to he wants to move and make japan's self-defense force a more active military the u.s. drafted the constitution and basically made the defense force here a self-defense force it can't act on direct threats are has long said that he would like to change this. u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson says that saudi arabia is not willing to begin direct talks to resolve the gulf diplomatic crisis his cattery counterpart mohammed bin are blocked when all fanny expressed frustration over the behavior of the four countries blockading cata it comes after to listen held talks in doha and riyadh calling for a deescalation of tension. i saw murdered at least one hundred twenty eight people in the syrian town of tain in a revenge campaign before it's captured by government forces the syrian observatory group says that the killings in central holmes took place over a three week period i slick used the civilians of collaborating with syrian regime
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forces and international conference is underway in geneva calling for urgent funds for the real hinge of refugees the e.u. is co-hosting the event bangladeshi officials told the conference their country is now sheltering a million refugees as the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after killing the count next. a small airstrip north of jerusalem. today it's derelict and abandoned. but for years kalandia airport was the gateway to palestine.
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on the morning of the seventeenth of september one thousand nine hundred forty eight a white plane carrying un and red cross markings landed here. with the first arab israeli war already raging across palestine the un mediator count kept by him a dog had come to jerusalem. that same afternoon. as it passed through the israeli controlled part of the city. his convoy was ambushed. by. the way and three guys with machine guns came out. to us i went up to the fourth quarter. third one went directly to the third. shot through the
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window. by five pm come bernadotte was dead. the assassination was carried out by and extremist zionist. leahy. fighters for the freedom of israel. i don't think anybody in israel shed a tear about the level of. turning to be an enemy of the state of israel and the design is dreams. yet only three years earlier bernadotte had made another joke. flying into nazi germany on the biggest humanitarian efforts of world war two. he would save more than thirty thousand prisoners from the concentration camps.
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of third of them. then the bill was not an enemy of the jews and there is nothing to suggest anti semitism in his entire record. this is the story of how peace can be frustrated by explaining. how assassination can turn the tide of history. with consequences that still scar the middle east. this is the story of killing because. the village peaceful in the french riviera. in the winter home of camp bob killed
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by a member of the. youngest son of come to vulcan. but to loves this place where his father and mother first met in the late one nine hundred twenty s. . the riviera was and still is a favorite holiday destination of the rich and titled android families from around the world. in the winter of one thousand nine hundred twenty eight king gustav the fifth king of sweden was spending his holidays here. but at the back of his mind he had a worried. his nephew for kobo no dogs. his
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uncle was the king and he was everywhere down here on the riviera and he had met what he thought a very nice american family that had a young daughter my father was by that time over thirty and i think his uncle felt it was time that for got married so he sent for him. and they were put together and my mother told me it wasn't a big success in the beginning. but it became quite positive after some time. and he proposed later on. she accepted. and that's how it started. in the autumn of that year paul cook crossed the atlantic in the company of friends and relatives from sweden's royal family. this was big
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news in america the first wedding of european royalty on american soil. foca bernadotte and estelle manville one marriage on the first of december one thousand nine hundred twenty eight in pleasant new york. fifteen hundred guests attended the wedding party on the private estate of astellas father a millionaire american industrialist. the father of the bride holds that wedding and then quite a few of his friends came over the. territory prince ghost of all dove he was there and some of his brothers was at the wedding and another friend of my father's and of course
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a lot of americans were in the wedding party. after the wedding as stoll sailed to europe with folky to live with her new husband in the swedish capital stockholm. this was the world that followed stuck talent for mediation a to. holland which would take him to the center of politics. in the same city almost thirty four years and you know count felt had been adults of these borg had been born two days into the new year of eight hundred ninety five. his father prince of scott bevan adopt was the son of king oscar the second king of by sweden and norway. at school in stockholm focus showed himself to be
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practical rather than intellectual. a gifted linguist he spoke fluent english french and german it was a talent he would put to good use in later life. in one thousand nine hundred eighteen he graduated from the military academy of college. a skilled horseman he rose to the rank of major in the elite dragoon cavalry unit. but not long after his marriage he was forced to resign his commission on medical grounds. shortly after when the goons were absorbed into the swedish ami but an adult decided to rent the drug god and his units form
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a headquarters. estelle the millionaires daughter transformed this military office into a luxury a swan fit for a prince. but in one thousand nine hundred thirty four family life a dragoon garden was struck by tragedy. the couple's third son frederick died shortly after his birth. two years later that eldest son gustav died. he was just six years old. yet after the loss of two of his sons for kemp an adult decided to seek
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a new role in life. there. in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven he became the head of the swedish scout movement. he had two sentences to guide his life. the first was we have not come to this world that will be happy ourselves but to make other people happy five hundred years of the second one was what these possibilities already done the impossible house. good causes became the new focus of an adult's life. yet the utopian world bernadotte and sweden were living in was about to end.
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on the first of september one thousand nine hundred thirty nine. the second world war began when german troops invaded poland. the following year it looked timed to sweden's neighbors. by the summer of one thousand nine hundred forty the nazis had occupied by just norway and denmark. king
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got the time of sweden incredibly active at the age of a seventy one attended the recent maneuvers held by his son in swedish armed forces were put on alert read unfettered by the nazis in the russian looks that offensive . soon been a dog. was mobilized. and with his country in fear of invasion he began working to integrate the scouts into sweden's defense plan. training them in anti aircraft work. and as medical assistance. but sweden's defenses would not be put to the test. germany did not invade sweden for at least two reasons sweden was not of very strategical importance in the second reason is that sweden was quite willing to
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supply the german armaments industries with the necessary all materials. in particular. and sweden everything the first part of the second world war was leaning towards the nazis the even allowed the german navy to cross swedish waters. the allowance of german ethane to violate the space suite so officially they were neutral in the gloomy mean to what's germany and that was easy for the germans i mean they got most everything they want. me but during one nine hundred forty three the tide of war would change dramatically. the seemingly invincible nazi germany now found itself losing on several fronts.
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the allies had been victorious in north africa. and had landed invasion forces in southern italy. on the eastern front. the red army had begun a huge counterattack. pushing the german troops back west. from nine hundred forty three all woods as soon as the swedish government sends all recognized that germany is going to lose the the increasingly towards the allies so a change in this week's attitude. in october one thousand nine hundred forty three the swedish red cross by now under the energetic come on to file cabinet don't. organized
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a prisoner of war exchange between the western allies and nazi germany but the swedish pool took off and. a year later a similar intervention the total of prisoners repressed treated to over ten thousand. on their way home at lunch our heartfelt thanks are due to sweetie for the vital part played by that country in the organization of the exchange. full cabin adult had successfully established sweden's role as an intermediate member. but in germany there were other prisoners in even greater need of the swedish count skills as a mediator. ally they were reported by air force
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to get right back allied armies warning of an overcoat to fight. and. as allied troops pushed towards from the east and west. they began to encounter concentration camps. tens of thousands of prisoners living and dying in desperate conditions. january nine hundred forty five soviet troops entered. the largest center of the nazi industrial killing machine with.
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rumors were circulating that hitler had given orders to heinrich himmler the commander of s.s. troops for the liquidation of concentration camp. there was to be no evidence left behind. no prisoners to tell the tale. quick and decisive action was needed. through six years of neutrality during world war two sweden had remained a country of peace. unlike its neighbors norway and denmark. nothing has been able to stop the danish saboteurs were continually blanking out factor buildings starting fires directing trains and so. those called resisting the nazi occupation had been removed
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to concentration camps in germany. in the resisting ideology of national socialism they were a reason as long as they were not jewish people who had been put to germany into concentration camps out of political reasons because they resisted in norway or in denmark they were in the eyes of the s.s. and they were ok many of them were able to understand and to talk german which made them more human to the s.s. because they could talk to them they could give them order they were understood. exploiting this special status but not taught under swedish red cross had already managed to get more than seventy thousand households food and clothing to scandinavian inmates in nazi camps. the
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danish government had lists of the prisoners that had been brought to german concentration camps the list was a privilege because people in denmark knew where who was in which concentration camp and this meant that the relatives knew where their loved ones were and that the government was able to send packages packages with food and with clothing to people personally if you sent packages to a concentration camp without a special name on it the s.s. just took them and never gave it to the prisoners but when the official packages from the red cross came the s.s. gave them to the prisoners and that made danish prisoners they had more to eat and they had a better situation by february one thousand nine hundred forty five privileged treatment had been overtaken by the threat of total liquidation. as the situation
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in the camps deteriorated the swedish government stepped in. those identified as scandinavian interned in german concentration camps were to be rescued by a swedish red cross expedition. was the man who would believe. the relations between sweden and germany had by historical memories been very good before the war but i think actually that they were oppressed of a member of the king's family. to take on this work. i think there must have been. the man but an adult would have to impress was heinrich himmler the commander of the s.s. the notorious paramilitary defense falls
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a leading member of the nazi party he had risen to become a minister of the interior and by now the second most powerful man in germany. and it was orders it was him who had set up the concentration camps controlling them through his s.s. troops. this was the man with whom bernadotte would have to negotiate to secure the prisoners release. but how to reach him that was the crucial question. felix keston was himmler's personal masseur. a baltic german physician he lived in stockholm but traveled regularly to germany to treat him as chronic abdominal cramps. felix cast an act as a kind of interim human tween ben i bought him and as soon as bella daughter offered you know this kind of deal. in the sense that this might be
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a chance that only to rescue him to save him as a person against revenge of course but also maintain and even increase his power he still had power you have the power over the lives of the prisoners. keston gave a green light to stockholm himmler had agreed that sweden could send an envoy to germany. on the sixteenth of february one thousand nine hundred forty five bene dogs embarked on one of the most courageous humanitarian efforts in history. as style accompanied her husband to stockholm is brahma airports as count falcon bernadotte boarded a german airplane to but. it was a journey into.
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this situation was desperate from the point of view of the german already and. from the point of the view of the nazis. because then i don't want you to. take advantage of this and to pressurize the author to concede they were nice of some prisoners. but to achieve this bernadotte would have to take a crucial step. negotiating face to face with. the man who controls germany's concentration. as we embrace new technologies rarely do we stop to ask what is the price of this progress what happened was he was started getting sick but there was
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a small group of people that began to think that maybe this was related to the technical skills from the job and investigation reveals how even the smallest devices have deadly environmental and health costs we think ok will send our us to china but we have to remember that there felicia travels around the globe death by design at this time on al-jazeera november on al-jazeera. in a historic visit the pope will travel to me in my bangladesh bringing more focus to the plight of the range of. a new six part series about extraordinary lives of the common people from across tunisia. as the u.s. backs away from the paris climate agreement well diplomats will be gathering in bonn to restate that commitment. from the heart of asia one when east brings captivating stories and award winning film. as tensions on the korean peninsula
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remain high president trump mbox in a five nation tour to east asia november on al-jazeera. in the most heavily country in the world if there's any country that would be experiencing p.t.s.d. it would be a nation that's been at war for four generations al-jazeera explores the reason those drones are there is to assist the innocent civilians they exist and offer a draw even they're not firing as they're frightening because any moment they can bomb living beneath the drones this time al-jazeera. hello again adrian filling in here in doha the headlines on al-jazeera the parliament of spain's catalonia region will meet on thursday to consider its
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response to the central government's moves to take control of the region's institutions it's just emerged that catalonia as leader has been invited to talks in madrid on friday the upper house of spain's parliament will vote on whether to impose direct rule once that is approved the central government may install a representative to govern the region has been a standoff ever since catalonia secession referendum last month japan's prime minister shinzo abyei says that he'll continue to deal decisively with north korea after winning a snap general election based coalition won more than two thirds of the lower house the government of the philippines has announced an end to its five month battle against i sold ink fighters in morocco wait them out armed group that laid siege to the southern city and made the defense secretary says that the final forty two fighters there were killed in a gun battle with his troops this sort of the last group.
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days. in the one building and so they were. there was a firefight a fight so they were finished no more than the number of militants inside. i saw murdered at least one hundred twenty eight people in the syrian town of cali attain in a revenge campaign before it was captured by government forces the syrian observatory group says the killings in central homs took place over a three week period i saw the queues the civilians are collaborating with the syrian regime forces government forces recaptured the town from i saw on saturday and its national conference is underway in geneva calling for urgent funds for the hinge of refugees the european union is co-hosting the event the e.u. is calling for an end to the violence and the army's military operations in rakhine state bangladeshi officials have told the conference that their country is now sheltering a million range of refugees and u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson says that saudi arabia is not willing to begin
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direct talks to resolve the gulf diplomatic crisis his cattery counterpart shaikh mohammed bin up all are when all fanny expressed frustration over the behavior of the four countries blockading cata it comes after to listen held talks in doha and riyadh calling for a deescalation of tension i'll be back with the news out a little over twenty five minutes but then let's get you back to work killing the count. robins broke germany. ninety kilometers north of in. a car and you place. yet this name is in from the us. synonymous with one of the most notorious nazi concentration camps. specially built to house women and children.
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by nine hundred forty five over one hundred thirty thousand female prisoners post through records. polish women with the largest group incarcerated here many of them. more than one thousand died in robin's book seventy percent of those sent in to this day the deserted houses of the s.s. gods remain. homes of offices under the command of one of the most feared and powerful men in germany. heinrich himmler. the man with whom count foca bernadotte would have to negotiate to secure the release of scandinavian
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prisoners. on the one hand band of dogs wanted to save as many prisoners as possible on the other hand in negotiating with the needy nazi like him well. to some extent implied recognizing him. as a kind of partner. so it's a dilemma it's a catch twenty two situation. but for bernadotte there was no choice. on the nineteenth of february one thousand nine hundred forty five three days after his arrival in germany he was taken to what was then a sanatorium at home and they can not fall from ravensbruck he was brought here to meet him at his villar in the sanatorium grounds.
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at the negotiating table in the flatly rejected burned adults proposal for the release of all scandinavian prisoners. but bernadotte achieved one major concession that no way john and danish inmates should be moved to a camp where the swedish red cross would be able to support them. the camp was called noida in goma. was the camp which was nearest the danish border so he hoped that one of the similar with whom he was negotiating would say ok take all the scandinavian prisoners back home and then he wanted to be as near to the danish border as he could and this was why they chose as
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a place. three days after meeting him the doctor was back in sweden working hard to assemble a rescue expedition. three hundred volunteers were quickly identifier. officers and soldiers from the swedish ami. red cross doctors and nurses. among the bernadotte one system. swedish transport vehicles were to be allowed into germany to collect scandinavian prisoners from other concentration camps and move them to annoy the government. allied forces by now in control of the skies over germany were informed of the plan
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. you're their response would give the whole campaign its. spoke to some. of the allied forces and said ok we're doing this rescue actions and us and then the soldiers said no we can't guarantee you that so it's better if you take the bus it's white or if we can see which buses belong to a rescue action. and so they decided on painting the bus as white. and they decided to put the swedish flock to paint it on the roof so that the planes could see these anon german buses but these are going to neighboring buses. on march the eighth one thousand nine hundred forty five the first column of swedish buses that white paint still wet boarded a ferry in the swedish fort of moma.
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four days later the vanguard of the expedition reached the place bernadotte had chosen as its headquarters in germany. friedrichs through costal. the casa was owned by prince of telephone bismarck grandson of germany's chants. his wife and mary tang boom was swedish. when i'm with. the fall and it. meant a familiar than i thought other words but i'm a bit foggy about. my mother was friendly with the bernadotte family. especially with all components. who came here a lot to negotiate with the representatives of the third reich. when he did that vulcan bernadotte always stayed here overnight. he got on with my mother all rather
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with my parents very well good for. fun bismarck's castle home free to assure was ideally placed close to the danish border and just twenty kilometers from it so. happened here in the ten tallest. of the young for the school. board. the white buses were headquartered in the xuxa involved forest and time here in the free drinks room where she under sent out to various different areas of germany to pick up prisoners from the concentration camps. and to try wherever possible to take them back to scandinavia simply. the first phase of the evacuation started on march the fifteenth the white buses divided into
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two platoon. around forty s.s. and give stop only as officers were attached to the expedition. the first platoon headed east to the camp but sachsenhausen over three hundred kilometers away. yelm us on a swedish red cross volunteer accompanied them as a motorcycle escort. no matter the call from home. when we finally arrived in socks somehow some. the gates were opened and a lot of norwegians came out in a fairly orderly way. that were there don't there were go first. and when they took the first steps
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more for you towards freedom. that was an experience i would open a huge experience park really. the second white house is platoon headed south to dock how shambat and mauthausen. they took with them the detailed lists of danish and norwegian prisoners being held in nazi custody. the list helped the people from the rescue mission to know whom they searched in which camp so they took the lists and went or drove into the concentration camps and they could read out mr anderson mr young and so on must be here so we search for him and he is to come to the bus and we take him with
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us so it made it very easy in that part for the rescue action that the lists were there. but within two weeks the white buses campaign had become a victim of its own success. by late march more than four thousand five hundred danish and norwegian prisoners had been evacuated and brought to the noise and damage. which was over capacity even before the first white bus arrived. had been billed for two thousand five hundred prisoners and at the end shortly before the scandinavians were brought here there were fourteen thousand prisoners. so the camp was totally crowded and the people were dying. because
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no one had a known bed and there was not enough to eat and so on. the germans insisted that if the evacuations were to continue the swedish buses would have to transfer two thousand inmates of noise and gamma away to other camps. on the twenty seventh of march the swedish yielded to the german demaio. the white buses designed to save scandinavian prisoners one now carrying hundreds of others to and future. as far as we know not many of them made it because they were so ill and dying that many many of them died during the transports in the swat buses to other concentration camps. and this was
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a problem for those going to neighboring prisoners knowing that those people had been brought away in order to give them space. they haven't asked for this. they were not guilty but but they felt they were guilty because they're. better life was . made other people do. this terrible task complete the white buses could return to their job of collecting more scandinavian inmates from camps and prisons scattered across nazi germany. and by the beginning of april one thousand nine hundred forty five some seven thousand danish and norwegians had been brought together in. but the ultimate purpose was still to be achieved getting all the scandinavian prisoners out of germany and away to safety in sweden.
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once more count full cabin adult the driving force behind the expedition returned to germany. himmler agreed this time to the transfer of the six and of old female scandinavian prisoners. by the eighteenth of april more than twelve hundred six prisoners had arrived in sweden.
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the following day british forces arrived at the river elbe practically within sight of knowing. by now german control of the camp that evaporate. the beautiful both of them. go through go through with it for a year before. the german soldiers who did it i think most of them ran ahead at that point the war was almost over there was nothing they can do it. and it wasn't easy being a german soldier that. if they were out on the streets they would tear off anything which mocked them as being a german soldier or. in the chaos now engulfing germany evacuation of the camp became a matter of logistics rather than a mission. danish busses had now joined relieving
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exhausted swedish volunteers and. by a promise to n.t.'s hitler's last birthday four thousand three hundred norwegians and danes have been rescued from new and gama. most were brought to a reception center set up in a spot in the swedish city of ram lesson. today this memorial beyond the waves in the grounds of the spa is dedicated to the efforts of the white buses expedition. but the white bus volunteers
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were not finished. the bus drivers who came from sweden and denmark they told us that it was very cruel to see other people other prisoners who were non scandinavian just standing there seeing their white buses seeing the red cross and laughing and yelling and thinking they would be rescued no because red cross buses were arriving and then they had to say no sorry we are only taking the scandinavian prisoners. bernadotte wanted to try to save those they had been forced to leave behind. to return would mean facing a danger. allied air forces were attacking virtually anything that blew just on germany.
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on the fifteenth of april the white buses left free. on their most dangerous mission yet. a long trip south to to rasie and shot in what is today the czech republic. there were another you know that it is. over we stayed overnight. and there were four hundred jews i think it was families we were picking up there and. or the not that the other saw and during the night while we slept they loaded up the bus they were everything was ready there were there were some complaints when baby carriages but instead we had to throw them away. i remember.
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after a perilous return journey they achieved what looked impossible just weeks. in fact you're waiting for one hundred twenty four danish. the jews didn't come for us this is a fact it's nothing to make us about because situation was and i should understand the situation in germany also on the what conditions they could squeeze the s.s. and himmler have done other current stuff way of saying well i'm coming here too i want to rescue videos you could do with that but after a while quite a number of those were rescued. bernadotte next goal was ravensbruck and the release of french women held there.
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with the advancing soviet army just days away himmler unexpectedly agreed to the evacuation of the entire camp women of over twenty nationalities. their orders. well make a point of sca. or there were many polish women on the other one in and among them there were three women that were while their pregnancies were well it oust. their way into one of the new doctor the. guards how come there were so many pregnant women over there in the book. and the germans thought it was a holy spirit to go. the other way if they fit in they own all. we have this chief medical officer with us. and he told the person in charge that one
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of them would probably become a mother during the night for him. over that all those. who live. it. would do in the way the dome indorse. did so they fitted out a bus which they called albon they fitted it out like a maternity ward and the three women were kept in there. with anyone who told them . and one of them a birth. thanks . in the closing days of april the white buses transported some ten thousand women to a suite. at
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the end of the month. with soviet troops battling their way into. i don't fit. the war in europe had just a few days to run. on may the first the swedish white buses came. to mt. all except one volunteer. this man's got rid of course to document that. out of it so if you've got
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any of that. on your path he said men should. not trying to feed on you that's forty eight outs on a week got consultations legate of thing and sort of. say. you. will not have. offered me. for add but here. or you. accept. anything. you don't kid get. out of it that that be in the news that. i don't argue with me you don't need me.
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after the german surrender the buses would return to bring another ten thousand prisoners to sweden. of thirty thousand lives saved by the white buses at least ten thousand jews. in the months that followed count foca bernadotte was honored by countries whose citizens had been saved by the campaign. jewish organizations were among the first to celebrate his achievement. bernadotte was now an international star. three years later he was called on again. heading this time to the middle east
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which had been plunged into a war. of white plane with u.n. and red cross markings was carrying the brave count nephew of the swedish king organizer of the white house's campaign on a mission that would seal his fate. folk about an adult was on his way to palestine and to his death at the hands of jewish militants. in. al-jazeera recounts the shocking story
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of the assassination of count folk abene dot. tossed by the security council to mediate between arabs and israelis. his death would prove one of the darkest days in the quest for peace in the middle east. killing the count at this time on al-jazeera. through tranquil rave you can you. can do long distance and it's a musician going to look. welcome back a look at the weather across the americas now in south america you can see this big
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line of plywood extending northwest southeast and this is a frontal system which is pushing through the region giving some heavy rain through rio de janeiro some storm activity likely here paraguayan still seeing some rain now as you move on through and to choose say that whole system should clear out into the south atlantic with time leaving brighter conditions across paraguayan through argentina and uruguay finas santiago in chile still the risk of want to showers for the past. now as we head up into central parts of america and the caribbean region the honest area looking too bad there's a lot of cloud up through the isthmus getting some really heavy rain at times it could be a wet want to mexico city later on the day meanwhile the on it is not looking too bad yeah there are some showers around but also some spells of sunshine but it is through parts of central america guatemala for instance where we will see some really heavy rain at times heading up into north america we've got this frontal system this is quite an active a fat cross more eastern areas out across the west we've got an area of high
4:00 pm
pressure sitting there getting rather have the quiet conditions so that rain working its way across the mid atlantic states through towards the eastern seaboard and cold air to get behind highs of ten in chicago. the weather sponsored by cats only place. you witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera.


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